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The Texan - Complete Series  NTSC

The Texan - Complete Series NTSC

NTSC Region 1 (This DVD will be viewable on North American & multi-region DVD players)
Television; Western
Run Time:
1790 minutes
No. of Discs:
Rory Calhoun, Alan Hale
Timeless Media Group is proud to bring you 70 episodes of The Texan on 10 DVD discs.

The Texan was transferred from the original 35mm film elements, bringing you the best audio and the crisp black and white photography of the original broadcasts.

Among the crowd of television westerns in the 1950s and 60s, The Texan stands tall. Western movie matinee idol Rory Calhoun, with his trademark black hat and steely gaze, stars as Bill Longley, a Civil War Veteran roaming the west in this fast paced, action-packed drama. With a reputation for a fast gun, loyalty to his friends, and merciless adherence to the law, Longley's quixotic travels take him across Texas from small town to small town. Along with adventure, and sometimes romance, trouble inevitably finds him, confronting him with the contradictions of the "Code of the West". Although not a lawman himself, his reputation as a gunfighter often precedes him, pitting Longley against the forces of lawlessness. Although he is not a violent man, and he tries to defuse dangerous situations with frontier diplomacy, the last resort is often the only way to remedy a bad one, and Bill Longley is always up to the task.

Over The Texan's two year run on CBS, the series attracted many of the finest guest stars in Hollywood, in part because of the great writing, and because of Rory Calhoun himself, who was also a producer on the show. Alan Hale Jr., James Coburn, Denver Pyle, Mike Connors, Harry Dean Stanton and many others were frequent guest stars on the show, and a host of television's finest character actors filled out each weekly episode's cast.

The Texan, like many 50s and 60s western shows, has been hard to find since its last re-runs in 1962, and has been available only on pirated copies, often taped directly from television.

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